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Dongxin Li: Final Post

This class is not my required class, but I think I really learned a lot which help me with my design classes. The graphic design is another field that I have never been into. The resume project really helps me to build up my resume, which plays a really important role in helping me get the internship of this summer. The logo design and the poster design are interesting. The only thing I found confused is the requirment of the projects. I always cannot figure out what the requirements are exactly. Anyway, I really improve the technique of using the softwares, especially indesign and illustrator. This help me in my other classes, and design works.

Searls – Final Post

I can’t think of one specific thing this class has taught off the top of my head, but it has improved my skills as a graphic designer overall. It has opened my eyes to new ways of designing and looking at design (ranging from resumes to websites). I enjoyed the creative outlet that this class afforded me. Most of my classes tend to be test or essay based, but graphics allowed me to use a different part of my brain and to think outside of the box more. I enjoyed almost all of the projects (except the interface project to some extent); however, my favorite was either the magazine or the poster. On the poster, I had to strip things back and make it simpler, which resulted in a much cleaner design than I had originally planned. On the magazine, I had to incorporate so many things that it was almost overwhelming, but the finished product came together and looked a lot better than I expected. I think the skills we’ve learned in this class are valuable and will benefit me in my future no matter what career I end up with.

Things I would change… I agree with Jon that it might have been helpful to have the PowerPoints on blackboard. Also, I wish they wouldn’t have told me to buy a textbook for this class, as I never used it – nor was it ever referenced in class.

Wagner-Final Post

I had a love/hate relationship with GRA 217. I enjoyed getting the chance to be creative and I think that learning the Adobe programs will prove worthwhile, but it really sucked sometimes.

One thing that I really appreciate from this class is my newfound knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I had a surface level understanding of InDesign previous to this class, but now I feel fairly confident in all three programs. Many of my potential internship interviewers were impressed when I told them I was proficient in this programs, and I thank this class for that.

My favorite project overall was the poster project. It was challenging, but not nearly as challenging as the magazine or website. I liked combining components of Illustrator and InDesign to produce the poster.

One thing that I would change for future students would be the peer review sessions. We always had peer reviews on the day that the final projects were due, which kind of defeated the purpose since we didn’t have time to take our peers’ suggestions into consideration before handing in the projects. I think it would be better to have peer reviews when rough drafts are due.

Also, I realize that this is 4 minutes late but I just had to switch computer labs midway through writing this post, so I’m a bit delayed.

Komanecky – Final Post

I learned a lot in this class about typography and design, and as a result look at everything in such a different way. Whether I’m looking at a magazine, billboard, logo, website, etc., I always take a second look and seem to critique it in some way. This class has made me realize how interested I am in graphic design (possibly a reason to go to graduate school), and it has been very helpful for my job. I can apply so many things to my work that I have learned in this class. My favorite project was probably the logo design because I really like the logo I created and meaning behind it, but I also liked doing the poster project for the same reasons. I think one thing that would benefit all of us is to do the project class critiques on the rough draft instead of the final. This way we can get class input on our projects that might benefit our final design for the project. Such a great class!

Snitkovsky – Last Post

I learned a lot in this class. I now feel pretty confident about how to use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

I think it was very very difficult learning these programs because of how the class and the lab were set up. My lab TA didn’t always teach the things Darren wanted us to use. It would have been much more helpful, as people have said, to have had a few classes in the labs so that we can learn from Darren and see what he wanted us to do. Many of the lectures from class we never actually applied to our projects, so I don’t think that was a successful part of the class. However, I would say that the class overall was very successful in teaching us the best way (not technically) to design something. I now look at magazines and posters with a different perspective and can now proudly say that I know how they did that. However, I’m obviously not very good at these programs yet. It was very difficult to do the projects in the beginning because I was really really lost in the programs. Because of that, I think my favorite project was the magazine project since I finally got the hang of the programs by that point. Also, it is much easier working with photos and text than it is actually designing something on our own like the poster or even the stationary logo. I just feel like the class could have been so much better if we had more hands on experience learning it with Darren instead of the lab TA. This class was a requirement for me so I never actually planned on using these skills too often so it was just frustrating that it was so time-consuming and that everything had to be so perfect. On the other hand, because of that I really did learn a lot and if I do need to use these skills again, I would definitely be able to.

Jones – Last Post

Graphics 217/218. Oh, boy. Where do I start? Well, I’ve been dodging this class for nearly four years now, hoping to weasel my way out of taking it altogether to no avail. I started taking it with two other professors just to drop it two weeks in. Darren really made this class fun, and he was approachable and stern. Sometimes I wish not so stern, but I probably learned more “skills” in this class than I have in any other Newhouse class (maybe save Com. law).

Having said that, the workload was tremendously difficult. As a double major taking 18 credits, sometimes it was too much to handle (light right now, actually). A little more time to work on the interface project would have been nice — an extra week would have made all the difference for me.

My favorite part of this class was probably the logo design project. I had a lot of fun with that and ended up designing something that I will most likely use for a while. It allowed us to be creative with illustrator. I do wish, as I’ve said before, that we could use color on our resumes, because people going into communications should be able to mix things up and make themselves stand out with color.

My final complaint is not something instructors could rectify: some of the students were rude and disruptive during class, and it made it very difficult to learn and concentrate when people were constantly commenting on every little thing Darren said. I know it’s an issue of maturity, but it’d be nice to see a little more management over some of the students.

All in all, it’s been a great semester. Tim + Darren = Awesome.

Ask me if I still feel that way by the time I finish this interface project………

Willison-Last Post

Something I learned in this class was to use the Adobe software. I also now recognize how different typefaces are used for different things, which is something I never noticed before. This class has just made me see things differently, from hierarchy or information to use of colors.

My favorite project was the magazine project. I felt like I was comfortable with the software and I really knew what I wanted to do.  I liked how we could chose any type of magazine and make it to our interests. I loved working on it once I got a hang out how to do everything.

Something I would like to see changed in the future would be to have one lecture a week and one lab. I think the lecture time was just a time filler on most occasions. Especially since we don’t have written tests in the class I would have to say the lecture was full of a lot of information we didn’t need to know. I would have liked to have one class time in the lab with Darren there, because sometimes we would go over Photoshop in class yet we were not able to follow along on our own computers. Also this would reduce the amount of office hours he would need to have because we could get his opinion in class and get more feedback. Having lab time with a lab assistant meant getting a whole different perspective on your project and it was hard to know what was right when opinions were coming from different teachers.

Overall I did enjoy graphics even though it was very time consuming. I’m glad I now know how to work most of the Adobe programs and I look at print ads differently now because of this class.