Wagner-Final Post

I had a love/hate relationship with GRA 217. I enjoyed getting the chance to be creative and I think that learning the Adobe programs will prove worthwhile, but it really sucked sometimes.

One thing that I really appreciate from this class is my newfound knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I had a surface level understanding of InDesign previous to this class, but now I feel fairly confident in all three programs. Many of my potential internship interviewers were impressed when I told them I was proficient in this programs, and I thank this class for that.

My favorite project overall was the poster project. It was challenging, but not nearly as challenging as the magazine or website. I liked combining components of Illustrator and InDesign to produce the poster.

One thing that I would change for future students would be the peer review sessions. We always had peer reviews on the day that the final projects were due, which kind of defeated the purpose since we didn’t have time to take our peers’ suggestions into consideration before handing in the projects. I think it would be better to have peer reviews when rough drafts are due.

Also, I realize that this is 4 minutes late but I just had to switch computer labs midway through writing this post, so I’m a bit delayed.

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