Searls – Final Post

I can’t think of one specific thing this class has taught off the top of my head, but it has improved my skills as a graphic designer overall. It has opened my eyes to new ways of designing and looking at design (ranging from resumes to websites). I enjoyed the creative outlet that this class afforded me. Most of my classes tend to be test or essay based, but graphics allowed me to use a different part of my brain and to think outside of the box more. I enjoyed almost all of the projects (except the interface project to some extent); however, my favorite was either the magazine or the poster. On the poster, I had to strip things back and make it simpler, which resulted in a much cleaner design than I had originally planned. On the magazine, I had to incorporate so many things that it was almost overwhelming, but the finished product came together and looked a lot better than I expected. I think the skills we’ve learned in this class are valuable and will benefit me in my future no matter what career I end up with.

Things I would change… I agree with Jon that it might have been helpful to have the PowerPoints on blackboard. Also, I wish they wouldn’t have told me to buy a textbook for this class, as I never used it – nor was it ever referenced in class.

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