Willison-Last Post

Something I learned in this class was to use the Adobe software. I also now recognize how different typefaces are used for different things, which is something I never noticed before. This class has just made me see things differently, from hierarchy or information to use of colors.

My favorite project was the magazine project. I felt like I was comfortable with the software and I really knew what I wanted to do.  I liked how we could chose any type of magazine and make it to our interests. I loved working on it once I got a hang out how to do everything.

Something I would like to see changed in the future would be to have one lecture a week and one lab. I think the lecture time was just a time filler on most occasions. Especially since we don’t have written tests in the class I would have to say the lecture was full of a lot of information we didn’t need to know. I would have liked to have one class time in the lab with Darren there, because sometimes we would go over Photoshop in class yet we were not able to follow along on our own computers. Also this would reduce the amount of office hours he would need to have because we could get his opinion in class and get more feedback. Having lab time with a lab assistant meant getting a whole different perspective on your project and it was hard to know what was right when opinions were coming from different teachers.

Overall I did enjoy graphics even though it was very time consuming. I’m glad I now know how to work most of the Adobe programs and I look at print ads differently now because of this class.

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