Snitkovsky – Last Post

I learned a lot in this class. I now feel pretty confident about how to use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

I think it was very very difficult learning these programs because of how the class and the lab were set up. My lab TA didn’t always teach the things Darren wanted us to use. It would have been much more helpful, as people have said, to have had a few classes in the labs so that we can learn from Darren and see what he wanted us to do. Many of the lectures from class we never actually applied to our projects, so I don’t think that was a successful part of the class. However, I would say that the class overall was very successful in teaching us the best way (not technically) to design something. I now look at magazines and posters with a different perspective and can now proudly say that I know how they did that. However, I’m obviously not very good at these programs yet. It was very difficult to do the projects in the beginning because I was really really lost in the programs. Because of that, I think my favorite project was the magazine project since I finally got the hang of the programs by that point. Also, it is much easier working with photos and text than it is actually designing something on our own like the poster or even the stationary logo. I just feel like the class could have been so much better if we had more hands on experience learning it with Darren instead of the lab TA. This class was a requirement for me so I never actually planned on using these skills too often so it was just frustrating that it was so time-consuming and that everything had to be so perfect. On the other hand, because of that I really did learn a lot and if I do need to use these skills again, I would definitely be able to.

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