Komanecky – Final Post

I learned a lot in this class about typography and design, and as a result look at everything in such a different way. Whether I’m looking at a magazine, billboard, logo, website, etc., I always take a second look and seem to critique it in some way. This class has made me realize how interested I am in graphic design (possibly a reason to go to graduate school), and it has been very helpful for my job. I can apply so many things to my work that I have learned in this class. My favorite project was probably the logo design because I really like the logo I created and meaning behind it, but I also liked doing the poster project for the same reasons. I think one thing that would benefit all of us is to do the project class critiques on the rough draft instead of the final. This way we can get class input on our projects that might benefit our final design for the project. Such a great class!

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