Chu – Final Post

Graphics 217 was an extremely enjoyable and fun class for me. I believe that the knowledge I have gained from this class will definitely be useful for me in the long run. Before taking this class, I had no exposure to InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Through hours of practice and use of the applications, I have become comfortable and familiar with using these advanced programs. It certainly feels good to know that I can now put all these programs into my resume and to teach people how to use these programs. I really like learning about all the different aspects of graphic design. I believe that it is extremely important for anyone in my generation to know how to use these programs because it is a technological tool that is very powerful and useful. Although the class required a lot of time to complete a project, the end result was satisfying and I am proud of the work I have produced.

My favorite project is the magazine project. I liked doing this project because I felt that I had the knowledge of using the programs to do the project well. I was able to take and transform an image in photoshop, create illustrations on Illustrator and organize content in InDesign. The project required me to use all the skills I have learned from the class and incorporate them into the design of my magazine. It was fun playing with a story on Lebron James and creating a magazine that was reflective of a sports magazine.

One thing that I would change for future students is to have the powerpoint presentations from class to be posted on BlackBoard for reference. I feel that there is so much information to learn about graphic design that there is not enough time for me to remember everything from one class. I would like to be able to go back and look at the slides to be able to digest everything from class.

This class has changed the way I look at print and online media. It has made me become more interested in learning about graphic design in the future.  We all live in a digital and visual world. Graphics 217 has given me a lens to look at the world differently. I can now intelligently interpret and critique designs that are seen in posters, logos, magazines, signs, etc.

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